Undokay S.A.

The company starts business in 1982 as part of the Rovira Group. It covers three very distinct areas: IMPORTS, EXPORTS, REPRESENTATIONS, comprising the whole range of international trade.

Be it from Uruguay or from any part of the world, we get the product you request. Our national, as well as our international structure, allows us to manage the whole process, from purchase to delivery.

We are ready to present national products overseas, helping national companies promote their articles. We search for contacts, send samples and take care of any activities related to promoting the articles through our worldwide network of agents.

To fulfill legal requirements UNDOKAY S.A. is registered in all state offices and is a provider for  the state.

Storage of supplies for on board consumption

As specified in our Customs Code / Código Aduanero (CAU), vessels and aircraft of foreign and national flag (the latter with certain limitations) anchored in national ports and airports will be allowed to stock up merchandise of foreign origin in transit in fiscal and private depots, suitably equipped for those purposes, exempted from customs duties or taxes, as conditioned or constrained by the corresponding regulation (CAU – Art. 136).

Dirección Cerrito 425 - CP 11000
Montevideo, Uruguay
Teléfono Tel.:  (+598)  2916 9043 to 47
Fax.: (+598)  2916 1116